She’s the spirit of a lady, lingering in a hot water bottle that belonged to her.



She was the daughter of the owner of the lodging house for students. During winter, she would lend her hot water bottle to a student of Room NO. 1, whom she fell in love with. She believed he loved her as well although he never said a word about love, and was shocked to find him embracing another woman in his room, and shortly after she died of a cold that got worse. Her spirit lingered however, and she heard her parents offering her hot water bottle as a memento to someone. She thought it was the student of Room NO. 1, so she would show up and pour hot water in the bottle every night so he would not forget her. Since she could not be seen, the man tried to throw the bottle away but she would always make it come back to him, so he stuffed it in a box all wrapped around with a string.

Years later, she would re-emerge, as the man’s granddaughter Nukumizu found the box and unwrapped it shortly after his death. After telling her story to her, Rinne and Sakura, she says she wants to know how the man felt about her. Since he recently passed away, Rinne was able to bring his spirit back to the living world, and as the old man expresses how he was happy that she loved him, she feels overjoyed and begins to pass on, but learns as she fades away that he’s actually the student of Room NO. 2.


  • She was not named.
  • Like Sayo, she had a connection with the grandparent of a Sankai High Student and lingered in an item that can get hot, and appears in the final chapter of a volume.

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