The Ice Statue Carver Ghost is the spirit of a man who hopes to finish the ice statue of a girl.



Around 60-50 years ago, he and his classmates were obsessed of a girl, whom he refers as the village’s Madonna. One day, he had glimpsed her naked body at the village’s public bath, which prompted him to carve an ice statue of her in the nude, in a cave that contains ice that wouldn’t melt even in mid-summer. But when he was about to finish it, he gazed at it wondering where to give a final strike and ended up falling asleep, which cost his life as he froze to death. His spirit lingered however, staying at the ice statue’s side, and he sadly watched as the ice grew back over it over the years, encasing it and leaving him to wish to free his sculpture one day. The block of ice containing his statue ends up with a shaved ice vendor, as the village began selling natural ice, and the ghost obviously followed it until a food stall opened in town for the summer festival.

Before talking with Rinne at his “home”, he left some unpleasant aura and sinister designs into the ice within the vendor’s struck, as a safety measure, which caused the served shaved ices to be too cold for anyone to eat. After hearing his story with Tsubasa, Rinne has Rokumon bring tools for the ghost so he can dig out his sculpture from the ice block and then add the final strike, which would allow him to pass on. But the ghost’s skill is not what everyone imagined, as the resulting ice sculpture is a crude, cartoonish farce.


  • He was not named.

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