Inari (お稲荷様 O-Inari-sama) is the spirit of a Fox Yorishiro Doll that resided in a shrine.



At some point, the doll had somehow vanished from the shrine, which was in the garden of a private house that recently got demolished, for having been vacant for a long time. Its spirit emerged, unhappy to have been ignored for long, and set up a red instrument shelter in a dimension that can be reached through a Reidou, whenever someone would go to the white instrument shelter of Sankai High, so he would receive offerings from the students. It not only led Rinne and Rokumon not to receive letter requests and offerings, but unfavorable criticism about the instrument shelter began to spread, as the students’ problems do not get solved. Together with Sakura and Tsubasa, they find the red instrument shelter and after confronting and learning the identity of the fox spirit, they traced its doll, but it wouldn’t return into it as it grew pleased of its new life, but Sakura points out that he won’t be receiving offerings anymore because of the criticisms, and when Rinne tells it that it will have to work to get food, it returned to the doll, which was then dedicated to a suitable place in Kyoukai.


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