Ishimatsu (井島津) is a student of Sankai High, and a member of the Boxing Club.



When he went for a drive with his family, he bought a Daruma though he regretted the purchase. When a club meeting was held in his room at his house, one eye of the doll was painted though every member denied having done so. Shortly after, he confessed to the Boxing Club manager, Konomi Tsuruga, and they started going out. They visited a memorable temple for the New Year, and he threw the Daruma in the flames, as he felt it was creepy. Little did he know that this Daruma was a love fulfillment one, and as it was thrown away and had only one eye painted, despite having fulfilled his wish to date Konomi, it developed an intense feeling of anger that allowed him to get out of the flames and made Ishimatsu grow beard that looks like its own. And no matter how often Ishimatsu shaves, the beard grows back immediately, much to his frustration, especially since Konomi finds him uncool with it.

Rinne, Sakura and Annette resolve his problem after figuring the source of his beard, by finding the Daruma at the temple, and by apologizing to it and inking its other eye, Ishimatsu’s beard fell out for good. They all learn then that it was Konomi who had painted the Daruma’s eye during the club meeting, but Ishimatsu doesn’t bear any hard feelings toward her.


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