Jason (ジェイソン) is the spirit of a dog, who chases anyone entering a store.



Before a building was built in the garden where he lived at, his owner told him to chase any suspicious person away. When he passed away, his spirit lingered and his ominous presence chased away anyone trying to enter a store that would open in the ground floor of the building, and thus caused every store that opened to end up out of business in half a year.

When Sakura passes by the newest store being a Sweet Store owned by a ghostly-looking guy, she felt something unpleasant and informed Rinne, who made the dog visible and had to use many Shinigami tools only for all of them to be destroyed by the vicious dog, who would then reunite with his owner who happened to be the landlord of the building and passes on at his master’s command.


  • His cause of death is unknown.

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