Jin Semizu (背水ジン) is a student of Sankai High.



He has a crush on his classmate Aoi Hada since their first High School year, and got to sit next to her in their third year. He secretly bought the same pencil she’s been using and took his studies seriously in hope of getting into the same university she’s aiming. 10 days ago, as he fell asleep at his desk, he dropped his pencil case and Aoi inadvertently handed him her pencil which had fallen off her desk as well, and she kept his. Since then, he would hear the word “lose” every time he uses her pencil while studying for the exam, for she had a strong determination to lose weight which had been invested into that pencil, and it unnerves him.

He sought Rinne, who learns from Sakura about Aoi having a same problem, and figure what happened and all it took was for the two students to exchange their pencils. He gets joyful when Aoi encourages him for his study, only to learn that she’s aiming to lose weight for she’s going to spend her summer vacation at the beach with her boyfriend from university and so wonders about aiming for another university.


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