Junya Uchiki (内木ジュンヤ) is a student of Sankai High.



He’s been in love with Renge for a while, but was too shy and would just admire her from afar. Due to his parents’ work, he’ll have to change school, so he asked Rinne and Sakura to help him go on a date with her before moving. Unsurprisingly Renge refused at first, obviously since she’s in love with Kain, but then accepted upon learning Junya intended to use the rest of his New Year’s money for her and she seized the opportunity to go to a supermarket and get him to buy many foods for her. He didn’t mind wasting his money for her, for he enjoys seeing her smile, but it caused the spirit of a man to appear from Junya, revealing to have met upon him stalking Renge, while wandering around unable to pass on, and their souls sympathized with each other causing them to be united by spirit bonds, as both were too shy to confess to the girl each liked. The ghost knocked out Junya and took control of his body to cancel some goods to save money for an ideal date, but Renge managed to force Junya to pay by pushing the cart containing the goods beyond the cash point. However, Junya gets another happy moment as Renge asks him to carry the bags until her room and allows him to eat homemade food.


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