She is mother of Kain


She is a pretty lady with blonde hair featuring 2 roses on the left side, light blue eyes, and wearing a blue kimono with a green obi.


She is a kind-hearted yet naive divorcee who puts her faith in the wrong person. She is never seen getting angry.


She was almost duped into marrying Sabato, who was of course only after her money, which provided the financial backing for the Damashigami Company. Her son tried to convince her Sabato is a wrong man, but to no avail, as Sabato continuously sent her "love letters" every month which are thinly veiled requests for money, and she doesn’t realize he and her tendency to waste money caused them to become broke to the point of having no more electricity.

She remained the same naïve woman, still getting conned and ordering premium quality, which annoys Kain since it doesn’t help improve their financial status.




Sabato Rokudō


  • "For some reason, we have no money" (どーゆー訳かお金がなくて。。。) - Chapter 58, when she welcomes Sabato to her mansion


  • Despite looking alike, she seems not to have noticed Rinne’s resemblance to Sabato.
  • In the anime only, she meets Sabato's secretary Bijin, and he pretends she’s his long lost sister.

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