Kenichi (ケンイチ) is a male ghost who waits beneath a monument.



Long ago, in an era in which cell phones did not exist, he had the courage to confess to his classmate named Naomi. One day, they were to meet at a monument at the city center, but she didn’t show up, and waiting for 3 hours under a fierce heat cost his life. His spirit lingered waiting for her, for he hoped to tell her something, although he couldn’t remember what it was.

Recently, due to land redevelopment, the monument was moved to a park, and the ghost remained beneath it. Sakura noticed him while walking through the park with Miho and Rika, and she came back with Tsubasa, since Rinne was busy with another case. Tsubasa proved to be inefficient, but Rinne arrives with the spirit of Naomi, revealed to have also died the same day Kenichi did. He remembers that for having rudely made him wait many times before, he wanted to break up with her. Rinne brings them both to Kyoukai, but Naomi is so fascinated by that place that she makes both boys wait a week before moving on.


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