He's the spirit of a third year student of Sankai High, who was a member of light music band long ago.



He was the keyboardist of a light music band, who were practicing in a room at the ground floor of the Club Building. On their last day in High School, at vocalist named Minako’s suggestion, they buried things in a time capsule under the instrument shelter, and promised to meet again in 10 years and dig it up. He had written a love song dedicated to Minako on a libretto card, and planned to confess to her, but eventually learns that she’s been dating the guitarist named Hotei. So he ran to dig out the time capsule to get rid of the libretto card, but ended up falling down the pedestrian bridge and died. Due to his determination at his time of death, his spirit got into the time capsule and he could get what he wanted, but he then went into a state of ghost sleep.

10 years later, he woke up as the band reunited as promised and dug out the time capsule, unbeknownst to him, and as he no longer held the libretto card, he rushed back to the instrument shelter. His panic as he searched underground caused the Instrument Shelter to be invisible, which made Rinne panic as it would obstruct his business. Eventually, after learning the time capsule was dug out, he returns to where he came from, and sees his former comrades in another club room about to perform a funeral musical for him. Rinne points out that they won’t mock him for the song he had written since they grew up, and he felt glad upon learning Minako & Hotei broke up shortly after their departure from High School, but then gets regretful upon seeing Minako pregnant and so passes on.


  • He was not named.

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