That Komainu Spirit (狛犬のユウレイ) is a Tsukumogami, which left its statue from the Shinto shrine where Ayame Sakaki works at.



Having left its statue, it wanted to run free. And as Komainus are very territorial, it was chased away by others Komainus when it entered their territories and ended up getting further away from its original statue, and tried to go into another Komainu statue only for them to be occupied. Rinne caught it, but his case got forgotten as Ayame’s spirit, which had been chasing it, was noticed and had to be dealt with.


  • Komainu means lion-dog in English, and they are statue pairs of lion-like creatures either guarding the entrance or the inner shrine of many Japanese Shinto shrines or kept inside the inner shrine itself, where they are not visible to the public.

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