Konomi Tsuruga (鶴賀コノミ) is a student of Sankai High, and the manager of the Boxing Club.



When a club meeting was held at Ishimatsu’s house, she noticed a love fulfillment Daruma in his room and couldn’t help painting one of his eyes, though she denied having done so. Shortly after, Ishimatsu confessed to her, and they started going out. They visited a memorable temple for the New Year, where he threw the Daruma in the flames, as he felt it was creepy. Since then, she felt he changed, and so sought Annette, who relied on Rinne. Upon seeing him with an odd beard, she found him uncool and wouldn’t approach him. Upon learning the beard was the Daruma’s doing, she confessed her act, and Ishimatsu wasn't mad at her.


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