Kuroboshi (黒星?) is Tamako's black cat by contract.


He appears as a giant humanoid black cat. He has green eyes, and a yellow star-shaped symbol in his forehead, owing to his name. He wears wears pince-nez glasses, and a yellow haori with pink cat head print over a dark green kimono, which in turn is worn over a white han juban.



Early Life

When Tamako had to move back to her home in Kyoukai, after her husband passed away, she took all the furniture from her human home, and Kuroboshi ended up stuck in a closet as all those furniture were put in there.


Kuroboshi was finally able to get out, when Tamako decided to do housecleaning after 50 years, and managed to organize all the furniture from her human home in a tidy way along with Rinne and Sakura.

Wishing to retire, he asked Rinne to train his grandson Kuroboshi III to become Tamako's new Black Cat contractor. But since his grandson hardly makes any progress in overcoming his phobia, he won't be able to retire soon.

He and Tamako would resort to manoeuvre in hope of forcing his grandson to overcome his phobia, but to no avail.




Although he hopes not having to serve her anymore, he does not show much animosity toward her.

Kuroboshi III

Since his grandson hardly makes any progress in overcoming his ghost phobia, he feels disappointments in him.


  • "She hasn't changed" (まるでお変わりない) - Chapter 175, speaking about Tamako



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