Kuroida Eisei 10th Grade (黒井田永世十段 Kuroida Eisei Jū-Dan) is a 700-year-old Black Cat, who is famous for rarely appearing in public.


Kuroida is a black cat, although his long years has turned his black fur to white, and he appears large and round, and has what looks like a beard.


All Black Cats were invited to celebrate his 700th Birthday, including Rokumon, Oboro, Suzu, and Kurosu. He shows them a small money box, which contains the legacy he cultivated during his 700 years, and declares he will give it to the one who can take it from his paws. A massive royal battle erupts and eventually Kuroida decides that Rokumon should receive it, but as Rokumon refuses, it is revealed to contain his 700 years of debts, and he flees when his creditors (including Raito) arrive, which means the reason he’s been hiding was to avoid having to pay.



  • His voice actor provided the voice of Soukichi from Mermaid Saga and the Master of Potions from Inuyasha: The Final Act.