Kyoukai (境界) is a border world, lying between the living world and the next. It is one of the most frequently seen locations in the story.


It is the home for the Shinigamis (and also the other types called Shirushigami and Damashigami), who fulfill their duties to guide the spirits of the deceased, to the Wheel of Reincarnation.

It is forbidden for the living to come here, yet Sakura Mamiya and also Tsubasa Jūmonji ended up coming here.


It does not look entirely different from the living world, especially for the houses, facilities and markets, since the Shinigamis do not look different from humans, and have pretty much their same living ways, including the school system (elementary, middle, high).

The Wheel of Reincarnation appears revolving in the sky, which is colorful.

As there are many kinds of spirits, who vary in age, species and experiences, there are many places reserved for such spirits in which they receive treatment, before entering the Wheel of Reincarnation, which has various ways of being reached according to their circumstances.

One of those places is the Soul Cleaning Bathhouse for spirits who must be washed of all the memories and experiences accumulated during their lifetimes.[1]

Evil spirits submit a final purification after being purified first by a Shinigami, at a mountain called Evil Purification Grounds. As the Wheel of Reincarnation stands in front of one side of the mountain greeting purified spirits, half of the mountain would be bright while the other half would be dark.[2] Trees of Sin are planted around it to absorb evil spirits' sins that leaked in the ground.[3]

The most common journey is crossing the Sanzu River on a boat, where the banks are mainly covered with flowerbed to greet the eyes of the newly deceased.

One way called the All-Done Entrance is for the spirits who have lived their lives to the full and died peacefully with no regrets.[4]

Other facilities that play major roles in the story are the Mortal Census Bureau, Crescent Moon Shop and the isolated Damashigami Company.


  • It is possible for living beings while being in Kyoukai to see Shinigamis, residents and spirits. Rinne's Grandfather, human Damashigamis and victims of Damashigamis including a young Sakura were able to do so.[5]



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