Lion Dance Ghost (獅子舞霊, Shishimai Rei) is the spirit of an old man who was working at a stationery store and performing Lion Dancing every New Year’s Eve.



As a Lion Dancer, he would traditionally bite every kid’s head to bring good luck, but there was one boy, Mamoru Sudou, who wouldn’t let himself have his head bitten due to fear, but the old man tried every year to achieve it, as he was determined to bring good luck to every children. In the morning of the latest New Year’s Day, he died of food stuck in his throat. His spirit witnessed Mamoru attend his funeral, wearing a knit cap for he had an accident while snowboarding, so he felt bad not having brought him good luck and followed him, wearing his lion costume. Rinne made him visible, when Mamoru sought his help as he was making noises, and after learning his lingering regret, Rinne made Mamoru hold still, but the old man could not bite his head, for his knit cap has the form of the food that caused him to die, so Rinne made Mamoru wear a wig, and the old man could finally bite the teenager’s head and thus passed on.


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