The Loose Socks Ghost (ルーズソックス霊) is the spirit of a female student from the 90s.



Back in middle school, she was an honor student and took her studies seriously.

Believing herself to be plain and uncool, on her high school debut, she changed her look as if she was reborn, but got hit by a car while walking toward Sankai High. Her spirit lingered, appearing every spring, longing for her new self to be appreciated, but she was obviously ignored as nobody could see her

3 days ago, Rinne found her spirit, and she repelled him out of embarrassment, believing he came to flirt with her. She then tried to find him but spotted him being friendly with Sakura, and so in her jealousy and due to the fact that she has pig-tails like she used to have, tried to play pranks on her though Sakura managed to avoid them.

Rinne found her again, and she asked to hold hands with him while walking in the school, but it wouldn’t help her as people could still not see her. Upon figuring her desire, Rinne made her visible to people who admire her beauty, although they also get to see how she used to look like and don’t find her plain and uncool as she believes, and she gets to pass on.


  • She was named the Loose Socks Ghost, for loose socks was a very popular fashion during the 90s among High School Girls.

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