The Love's Bell Ghost (愛の鐘の霊, Ai no Kane no Rei) is a spirit lingering at an Observation Deck, where a Love’s Bell was built on top, with a legend that a couple who rings the bell will be united forever, at Lovers' Cape.



He dated a girl, whom another man confessed to her 3 days later. She asked him to ring the Love's Bell one time if he wanted to break up, or 108 times if he wanted to stay with her. By the time he had rung the bell 50 times, the others waiting in line became angry, which caused him to lose count and the girl had left, so he descended in a hurry but took a fall and died. And so the area was closed then.

30 years later, the observation deck was reopened for a town renewal, but the boy's spirit lingered, due to his high determination not to break up with the girl, not only ringing the bell many times as he always loses count due to his memory having gone fuzzy, but interrupting any couple trying to ring it. Rinne, Sakura, Tsubasa and Ageha came to investigate, and after figuring his situation with the use of memory sheets on his binoculars, Rinne helps him pass on by counting his bell ringing for him, while the others see through the binoculars that the girl had left with another boy and Sakura suggested not to tell.


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