Mamoru Sudou (首藤マモル) is a student of Sankai High.



Since little, he was afraid of having his head bitten by the traditional lion dancer appearing downtown every New Year’s Day to bring good luck, and always found ways to avoid contact with him. He never even wondered the identity of the lion dancer, being the old owner of a stationery store he knew.

In the latest New Year’s Eve, he had gone snowboarding and got his head hurt in an accident. It seems however that the lion dancer didn’t show up this year, and he learns that the old owner of the stationery store passed away. He attended his funeral, and he’s been hearing weird noises around him ever since, so he sought Rinne, who reveals the spirit of the lion dancer having followed him. He finally learns his identity, and that he felt guilty for not having managed to bring him good luck since he hurt his head, meaning the old man can pass on if Mamoru lets him bite his head. It proved difficult to make him hold still and to make him remove his knit cap due to his fear, but Rinne makes him wear a wig, and as the old man passes on after finally biting his head, Mamoru felt it didn’t hurt at all.


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