Maneko (マネ子) is a mannequin who became a Tsukumogami, seeking the coat it was wearing.



It spent everyday wearing a coat, stuck in a window display in a rundown shop district. As a result, they formed a friendship and hoped to stay together forever, but the shop eventually went out of business and they were separated. It had been sent to the junkyard, where it suddenly remembered something it had forgotten to tell to the coat she calls Coatomi. It became a Tsukumogami and tried to appear to Coatomi to inform it whenever it gets worn by someone, but ends up scaring each owner and Rika for last. Thanks to Rinne and Sakura, it was able to reveal to Coatomi that there was a pin stuck in its collar. With that, Maneko turns to leave, but Coatomi cries out and leaps on the mannequin's back, hugging it and apologizing, allowing Maneko's soul to pass on.


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