Mari (マリ) is a student of Sankai High, and classmate of Sakura and Rinne.


She has short green hair with yellow bobbles on the left side, and grey eyes.


She was in love with Kimura in middle school, who was admired by many other girls but died a year ago in an accident, unbeknownst to her.

The Pumpkin Damashigami swapped heads with him, in order to seduce and lure girls into his dimension, and she was one of the victims. She was about to jump off from the school's rooftop to follow the fake Kimura, but she is stopped by Rinne, who then informs her that Kimura died. But when the fake Kimura reappeared and invited all the girls from middle school to his dimension, she followed them. The fake Kimura would use his illusion skill to entertain her and the other girls with dolls carrying Kimura’s head. After Rinne used a tool that revealed the dolls and swapped back the heads of the Pumpkin Damashigami and Kimura, she along with the other girls wanted to die with Kimura, but he told them that she likes mature women, much to their disappointment. So she ends up back to the living world along with the other girls.


  • She appears more often as a student of class 1-4, along with Imoto, Yumi and Kana, in the anime.