Masami Sada (佐田マサミ) is a student of Sankai High, and a member of the Folk Song Club.



A week ago prior to the end of summer vacation, she contacted Zaitsu, whom she secretly admired from afar, to ask him to meet her at a park so she can return the music sheet she borrowed. However, he didn’t show up.

When school restarted, Zaitsu possessed by the spirit of a cicada would sing with an unbearable rattling sound, and she hears the cicada saying it had already met the girl of its dream, and ended up believing Zaitsu stoop her up because he already has a girlfriend, much to her chagrin. However, thanks to Rinne and Sakura, the misunderstanding is cleared, and she receives a love song recorded on a CD from Zaitsu, who then gets freed from the cicada.


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