Masaru Ooki (多木マサル) is a student of Sankai High.



He confessed to student Sayori Nara and started dating her before summer vacation begun. At the summer festival, he scooped 2 goldfishes, and he’d keep the pop-eyed male one while she’d keep the female one, and they would take care of both together. But later, she broke up with him for she was aware of his tendency to stare at other girls with huge breasts. Not having realized that his tendency is the reason, he asks Rinne if any sort of spiritual issue could be the reason for his girlfriend's remoteness, but Rinne realizes that he has a spirit attached to him, which is actually his pop-eyed goldfish’s who wished to reunite with Sayori’s goldfish, giving him a chance to come at her house. After he dumps his fish in the goldfish’s bowl, only for her to beat him up, seemingly rejecting him, Masaru insists that it does not solve the mystery of why Sayori broke up with him, but she angrily confirms it was because he was always staring at girls with huge breasts.


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