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Miho (ミホ?) is a fellow classmate and friend of Sakura and Rika. She is also the student council secretary.


She has short black hair and bangs, and black eyes. She has fair skin complexion.


She is a bit more down-to-earth than Rika but she has a playful teasing side as well.

She has great interest in scary stories, though she’s a scaredy cat.


She and Rika are mostly seen together, along with Sakura. As she loves scary stories, she gets to know a lot of rumors about occult activities and speak about them, though she and Rika tend to run away in fear, whenever they encounter a strange phenomenon, without Sakura who stays unafraid.

Right when Tsubasa got enrolled in Sankai High, she is introduced by Rinne to a spirit called Usui, who had a crush on her since middle school and would like to go on a date with her “before being admitted to the hospital”. Miho accepted, and along with Rinne, Rika, Sakura and Tsubasa, she enjoyed her date at the amusement park, and upon realizing that Usui was a ghost when he was able to pass on, she and Rika were surprised but felt he wasn’t scary at all.[1]

She defended the president of the Student Council Naomi Yuki, when she was suffering a bad reputation for being confused with the spirit of her aunt Ranko committing delinquent acts, although she grew afraid of her, after meeting the spirit of Ranko herself, until learning that they were different persons.[2]

She relied on Rinne to unstuck the spirit of a sumo-wrestler, who on his way to the Wheel of Reincarnation fell back into the world of the living and got promptly stuck in the wall of her bedroom.[3]


Sakura Mamiya

Rika Momoi

Rinne Rokudō

Tsubasa Jūmonji

Naomi Yūki


  • “Gyaaaaa, Scaryyyyy” (きゃーっ、こわいーっ!!) – Whenever she and Rika run away




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