Minerva (ミネルヴァ) is the spirit of a female monkey.



She was raised in a rich person’s estate and has been clever since she was little. She died a year ago, but her spirit remained in the living world, pulling pranks one after another without passing on. Tsubasa’s father was requested to capture her, and he sent her locked in a jar to his son to purify her.

When she arrived through home delivery, Tsubasa had invited Sakura to his house, and did not expect Miho, Rika and Rinne to come along, and she was promptly released from the jar by Rika as she and Miho were curious for the fact that Minerva is the name of the Goddess of Wisdom from the Roman Myths. Everyone chases the escaped spirit through Tsubasa's home, including the two girls who surprisingly are not scared and try to photograph her and touch her in hope of becoming smart, which was a lie from Tsubasa to be alone with Sakura, and encounter numerous pranks. She eventually gets captured when Tsubasa uses a banana to lure her, and her identity as a monkey leaves the two girls disappointed, even if she proves to be clever enough to understand human language.


  • She's the second ghost and fourth case to be solved, sent by Tsubasa's father in the manga. While in the anime, she's the first ghost and first case to be solved, sent by Tsubasa's father.

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