Mirror Man (鏡男, Kagami Otoko) is the spirit of a student who lingers in a dressing room’s mirror.



He was the president of the student council of a school. Despite being popular with girls, he had no intention of going on dates, for he was more into studying, as he aimed to enter a national university. One night during a field trip, while pretending to sleep, he overheard his male classmates talking about the girls they peeped at the bath and believing he would not have tagged along with them since he’s too serious. And on his way back home from the field trip, he died in an accident. His spirit lingered and he found himself in the mirror of the girl’s restroom at his school. The girls became aware of his presence, and started believing he was actually a lecher, so worried about his reputation, he wished to leave and found himself in the mirror of a store’s dressing room. Consequently, he causes the store to be unable to sell clothes as the customers make an uproar upon seeing him and leave.

Sakura informed Rinne, after witnessing the ghost with Miho and Rika, and after listening to his story, Rinne uses a special pocket mirror to suck him out of the mirror. He claims he wished to have made fun memories with his classmates, but as he intended to go in a mirror of a girl’s bath, Rinne keeps him in the pocket mirror and makes him pass on.


  • His name is the title of the chapter in which he appears, but he was not given a name in the story.

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