Misora Utagawa (歌川ミソラ) was a popular student of Sankai High. Her spirit lingered at the school's pool and was known as the "Songstress of the Pool" (プールの歌姫).


She was a beautiful girl with long hair.


She was proud of her popularity.


Around 10 years ago, she was the most beautiful girl of the school and also the star of the school choir. She was rehearsing hard for an upcoming contest, but she lost her false tooth during a swimming class and ended up running out of breath while searching for it and died. Her spirit lingered at the pool, singing and pulling people to the bottom of the pool during swimming lessons, and came to be known as the “Songstress of the Pool”. She wishes to pass on, but her regret kept her tied to the living world, and she could not remember what it was.

She was able to speak with Sakura and Rinne, and as she refused to come out of the pool and went mad upon seeing snacks, Rinne figured about her false tooth. With a new tooth, she happily passes on, singing her ethereal song for the whole school to hear.


  • The 2 Kanjis of her last name "歌川" stand for "Song" and "River".


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