Mr. Eggplant (ナス男さん) is an odd looking man who likes eggplants.


He has an awkward eggplant like appearance, and has sparkling eyes.


He occasionally appeared poking his head over the rosebushes of an old woman’s garden and cheerfully greet her, as he loves eggplants. On the day she felt a pain in her chest before dying, he came into her garden and his appearance surprised her. Next year, upon seeing Sakura in the garden when the spirit of the old lady was allowed to come during the Obon Festival, he gave her flowers for the old woman as he believed she was her granddaughter. That act of kindness allowed the old lady to no longer be afraid of eggplants and to happily board her eggplant cow to return to Kyoukai.


  • It's the old lady who referred him as Mr. Eggplant, his real name is not known.

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