Mr. Kusakari (草刈さん, Kusakari-san) is the embodiment of an emotion from a grass-cutting sickle.


It has a giant ball of corrosion for a head, featuring big eyes and a long tongue, and wears the suit of a salesman.


It was originally an old, dirty retired sickle that manifested itself taking an odd form, for it was never properly disposed of and thanked for its years of service. Much to the delight of Refuto and Raito, it came to the Crescent Moon Shop and offered to work for them for no money. Although it was hardworking, it was enjoying licking the entrusted scythes and their own tools, causing them to be covered in rust. After figuring its origin, Rinne purified it, by saying thankful works and using rust remover made by the twin rabbits to scour away its head until he finds the sickle buried inside.


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