Mr. Tomoe is the spirit of Ryoko's father, who has both a camera fetish and a love for heavyset women.




He married a heavyset woman, who then worked hard on a diet to match her handsome husband. As a result, he became increasingly distant, so they divorced, and his wife wouldn’t allow him to come near their daughter. He tried to give Ryoko a congratulation card and a letter at her elementary school entrance ceremony, but his wife intercepted him and punched him, and he ends up dying in an accident shortly after. However, his spirit lingered, taking pictures of Ryoko for 10 years, and would lastly take pictures at the Female Judo Club of Sankai High, where Ryoko serve as captain.

When members of the club ask Rinne to deal with him, he gets to meet Ryoko in person, but she was disgusted of him. However, after he reveals his memory cards, Rinne develops all the pictures he took of his daughter throughout her life, and shows them to Ryoko, revealing his discovery that various signs in each photograph were arranged to appear over her head in the background, and when placed together they spell out the message "do your best, I love you" (ガんバレ愛しテマス). Having finally delivered his message to his daughter, he was able to pass on.



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