The Mysterious Note Ghost (謎のメモ霊, Nazo no Memo Rei) is the spirit of a man who hopes to make a party.



Soon after a painful period of studying for college entrance exams and becoming a college student, he happily joined a Naginatajutsu club full of women only, in hope of getting a girlfriend. When one lady from the Kansai Region he mainly had his eyes on, asked him to make preparations for a social gathering, he thought of planning a party but on his way to shopping with a list of ingredients on 3 notes, he suffered an accident while passing by a construction site that claimed his life. His spirit lingered however, longing to make a party, although he suffered a shock upon his death that made him forget his main desire. He met upon Sankai High Student Hajime Otsukai, who’s a member of the Cooking Club, and as they both long to be popular, their souls sympathized with each other causing them to be united by spirit bonds. But he’d cause trouble to Hajime by forcing him to write and buy a list of 6 ingredients that were written on 2 of his 3 notes, that are not what the female members of the cooking club expect, which caused Hajime to seek Rinne’s help.

Along with Sakura and Tsubasa, Rinne helps him remember as much as he can, including the 3rd note which contains ingredients that reveal he intended to make "Takoyaki Russian Roulette" for the girl he had his eyes on. That food prepared by Hajime was less than enjoyable for Rinne, Sakura, Tsubasa and Rokumon, but the ghost eventually passes on.


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