Naomi (ナオミ) is a female ghost who lingers at a convenience store.



Long ago, in an era in which cell phones did not exist, her classmate Kenichi confessed to her and they dated. One day, they were to meet at a monument at the city center, but she wasted time in matching her lips colo r and clothes. She couldn’t find a perfect lipstick at a convenience store, and as she rushed out, she got hit by a truck. Her spirit lingered however, continuing to search for a good lipstick at the convenience store and getting hit by a truck, causing her never to be able to meet her boyfriend.

Recently, Rinne was notified by the convenience store as she was seen in security cameras, and as she proved to be difficult for wishing to look good, he gives her an ideal mirror that reflects how perfect she hopes to look to make her stop wasting time, but she panics as she can’t find the monument, that has recently been relocated to a park for land redevelopment. Fortunately, Sakura had informed Rinne of a ghost that lingers at the monument, and so he brings her there to meet the spirit of Kenichi, revealed to have died the same day she did and kept waiting for her. Rinne brings them both to Kyoukai, but Naomi is so fascinated by that place that she makes both boys wait a week before moving on.


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