He's the grandfather of Sankai High Student, Natsumi Motoba.



10 years ago, he tried to win a teddy bear for his granddaughter at a shooting gallery game at the summer festival, but he died three days later. But as he was filled with regret for failing to win the teddy bear, his spirit remained. He would stalk her when she goes to the summer festival year after year, make the teddy bear appear at the shooting gallery game and make her boyfriend try to win it but irrationally would not allow him to win it in his place, despite knowing he can’t pass on until it is won and given to her.

Believing she is cursed and wishing to be freed of it, Natsumi enlisted Rinne’s help, asking him to go to the summer festival as a couple to find the root of that curse. After Rinne resolves his irrationality, he gets to give her the bear and learns that she actually wanted the fashion set next to it, and he passes on after apologizing to her.



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