The New Year’s Eve Bell Ghost is the spirit of a bell ringer, who enjoyed ringing a temple’s bell every New Year’s Eve.



He died in the morning of a New Year’s Eve. A virtuous priest could see his lingering spirit, and believing he may pass on if he gets to strike the bell tonight, he contacted Rinne to watch over the ghost until tonight. Due to his obsession with ringing the bell, he could become an evil spirit, so Rinne put seals on him, but Masato removed them, when he came to break in on Rinne’s business, which caused the ghost to have the appearance of a giant bell. He returned to the temple, and Masato tried to corrupt his soul to take it to hell, but Rinne outdoes Masato’s moves and the ghost could strike the bell tonight and pass on.


  • He was not named and his cause of death is unknown.

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