Nozomu Sasaki (笹木ノゾム) is a student of Yosono High School.



6 years ago, he and his childhood friend Tasuku Hoshino did a lot of pranks at a Tanabata festival and thus got chased by the adults. Only he could get away, while Tasuku got caught and scolded. Shortly after, he took a bad fall by missing his footing on some stone steps at a shrine and broke a bone. The following years, a scribbled paper slip would appear to him when the Tanabata festival comes, and he’d suffer weird misfortunes.

He learns thanks to Rinne that the scribbled paper slip was written by Tasuku wishing for misfortune to befall onto him for having left his friend behind 6 years ago, and it’s a wraith that Tasuku unwillingly created by feeling guilty to have wished misfortune on him, that tried to protect him from minor misfortunes, although his ways of protections led him to bigger misfortune. His problems would end as Rinne makes that wraith enter back into Tasuku.


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