Nukumizu (温水) is a student of Sankai High, and a classmate of Sakura and Rinne.



While arranging the belongings of her grandfather who recently passed away, she found an old hot water bottle in a box all wrapped around with a string. Though there was also a letter saying not to pour hot water in it, she tried putting some hot water but nothing happened. So she immediately threw it away as she thought it was creepy, but it would always come back to her grandfather’s room the next day. She feared she has angered her grandfather, but it’s actually the spirit of a lady who lingered in that bottle that belonged to her and was given to her grandfather after her death. She gets to see her grandfather again as a ghost, summoned by Rinne to help the lady pass on.


  • The Kanjis of her name stand for “Warm Water”, which is certainly linked to figuring the reason of the Hot Water Bottle getting filled.
  • Like Himoto, she found an item in which a ghost who knew her grandparent lingers.

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