The O-mikuji Ghost (おみくじ霊) is the spirit of a young man who seeks a "Great Curse" O-mikuji.



At the age of 10, he had gone with 2 friends at a Shinto shrine to pray for the promotion test of calligraphy class, and received an O-mikuji of “Great Curse”, much to his shock, but nevertheless succeeded without any problem. He kept receiving “Great Curse” O-mikujis when he went to pray for the tests for middle school, high school and college, and excelled in life nevertheless. But during his job hunting he had received a “Great Fortune” O-mikuji the day before his interview. He felt happy at first, but then had a bad feeling and so turned back to redraw an O-mikuji but died in an accident as he crossed the street in front of the Shinto shrine. His spirit lingered, in front of the distributing O-mikuji machine, and since he could not draw O-mikujis due to his ghostly shape, he took any drawn O-mikujis from anyone visiting the shrine, but could never get a “Great Curse” one.

In the latest New Year’s Day, he was spotted by Sakura and Rinne, who after learning his story, made him corporal but his tendency to get “Great Curse” O-mikujis no longer works, much to the dismay of Rinne who had to give him his own money, for it is revealed after that the priest had stopped putting the “Great Curse” O-mikujis as it was a bad omen. And so, it’s been arranged for the ghost to receive the O-mikuji he hoped for, and safely passed on.


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