That Octopus (タコ, Tako) became a spirit after drying up in a tunnel.


He's a simple octopus, who has a huge size as a spirit.


He was caught a few years ago, using a Takotsubo, but he jumped off the truck that transported him to an inn as it went through a tunnel. He dried up and a giant spirit manifested, remaining inside the tunnel as he feels it’s a safe place, and attacking anyone trying to go through it.

As the inn association are having a hard time, Rinne and Tsubasa were hired to deal with the problem. And as they confronted him, he got enraged upon seeing a Takotsubo and hearing about Octopus food. In the end, Rokumon dragged the octopus out of the tunnel and Rinne blocks him from fleeing back inside, and his dried-up body is found by Sakura. As soon as they bring the octopus back to the ocean, he comes back to life and sprays Rinne with ink as he swims away.


  • A story featuring a Takotsubo is also shown in Ranma ½.


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