The Office Lady Ghost is the spirit of a woman who hopes to curse someone with a black cat.



5 years ago, she dated a guy for 3 months. She still loved that man however, but he got romantically involved with her co-worker and they got engaged. The lady considered her friend to be a traitor who stole her boyfriend, and upon receiving a request to do a congratulatory speech as her friend, she resorted to revenge by looking for a way to curse her. She choose “Magic Spells using a Black Cat”, which is done by taming and offering food to a black cat, giving it magical power and setting it after a cursed person, who would die of an unknown cause or illness. She ordered a deadly curse set to be delivered by mail, and tried to catch a stray black cat in a nearby park but fell off stairs as she lost her footing and hit her head to her death.

While standing on the banks of the Sanzu River, she met upon Suzu and convinced her to bring her back to the living world so she could receive her package, by saying it contains canned cat food. Intending to make Suzu her cursing black cat with the deadly curse set, she was able to feed and tam Suzu for a week, and Rokumon found them both at the lady’s apartment, but he took pity on the lady, without knowing what kind of cat food she’s expecting, and so kept it a secret from Rinne who’s strict about Shinigami rules, and sought Sakura to ask her to help the lady get what she wants. Her intentions are discovered however, but she precluded anyone from leaving her apartment until she’d receive her package. Fortunately, Rinne arrived with her co-worker he met upon at the spot where the lady had died, and upon hearing her friend heartfelt feelings of loss over the death of her friend, the ghost has a change of heart and wonders if it's the real reason why she felt the need to return: to apologize for her absurdity. The package arrives then, but she asks to throw it away, yet Suzu excited eats one can, but the product turned out to be a fake cat food product, although it indeed had a destructive power, as due its gross taste, Suzu went crazy, scratching up the apartment and tearing down curtains. Thus, Suzu and Kain guided her back to Kyoukai.


  • She was not named.

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