She's the spirit of an old lady, who created a portal which, instead of allowing students not be late for school, led them to different places.



Long ago, she lived with her husband who was the vice-principal of Sankai High, in a house which can be reached through a narrow alley and has a garden with a back door that leads directly to the school. He was such a nice person that he allowed some students to cut through the garden as a shortcut to school every morning, which was deep down annoying to her but she’d greet them with a smile as they were her husband’s students. Even after he retired for 20 years and then after he passed away, students kept coming through her garden, so she took measures which included tying some of her long grass together into a little knot in front of the entrance to her garden to catch the feet of passing students, but on her way back from shopping, she had forgotten about the knot which caught her foot and caused her to fall to her death. Her lingering spirit witnessed many students came out to pay their respects at her funeral, making her regret her momentary actions. Thus she created a portal in front of the back door apparently in hope of leading students directly to school. However, since she was an amateur, the portal had many exits leading to many random places, causing the students to be late.

Rinne, Sakura, Rokumon, then Ichigo and Tamako meet her, and after dealing with the portal and the many exits, they discover that her lingering attachment was that among her regretful taken measures against students making use of the shortcut was pine tar coated in the back door and so she created that portal to help the students avoid the old trap she could no longer disarm. With the tar cleaned away, she could pass on, guided by Tamako.


  • She was not named.
  • Like Ichigo stated: She's the first ghost to be purified by three generations (Tamako, Ichigo, Rinne).

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