Pastry Ghost (パティシエ霊) is the spirit of a sweet store owner.



His store was fairly popular as his pastries were delicious. When a Ramen shop serving spicy noodles opened in front of his store, he had the idea to start a new trend of spicy pepper-infused pastries. With a Scoville Scale in mind, he had prepared many sauces using peppers from the less spicy being Habanero to the spiciest being Caroline Reaper. He died right after finalizing his last pastry with a crimson burning sauce containing Caroline Reaper, causing his shop to be closed, and his spirit lingered, longing for people to taste his newest tart. That cake was so spicy that Ageha and Rinne passed out and went to the Sanzu River for a moment, and Sakura and Tsubasa cry just by looking at it. After deducing his lingering attachment, Rinne assembled many wandering spirits to be guests, and they immediately pass on upon eating his tart rather than linger and be forced to eat more, and the chef happily passes on as he watches his cake being tasted by many.


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