He's the ghost of the owner of a pension, who can only pass on by seeing customers’ happy faces.



Long ago, he quit his job as a salary man and became the owner of a pension in the mountains he dreamed of for many years. However, that pension was in the middle of monkeys’ territory, and his daughter had secretly been feeding the monkeys and making them attack the pension whenever customers would come, hoping that it would drive her father to move back to Tokyo, because she did not like living in the countryside. Eventually, they both end up dying of food poisoning, and their spirits lingered, unaware that they died, and he would not pass on until he manages to entertain some customers.

Tamako tasked Rinne to go there as a customer, and along with Sakura, Tsubasa, Ageha and Matsugo, they tried to show happy faces to the family to help them pass on, although it was difficult to do so since this place had become wrecked over the years.


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