Pizza Man Ghost is the spirit of a workaholic who wishes to fulfill his final delivery before passing on.



He had to deliver a large amount of pizza order to a house on top of stairs owned by someone named Sakagami, but there was a sudden heavy snow, and he took a bad fall down the stairs covered in snow. His spirit lingered, longing to give the pizzas and get a 12000 yen fee, which he obviously couldn’t as people could not see him, thus he would continuously bring the pizzas to the house whenever it snows, even if the nameplate changed as other families who have moved in over the years could not settle down since he’d always ring the doorbell and leave no footprints showing that he left. The last owner of this house, Sankai High student Dan Takashina sought Rinne, who makes the ghost visible, and uses an illusionary lantern to create 3 extra envelopes of 3000 yen from Dan’s 3000 yen sushi delivery fee to satisfy him and allow him to pass on.


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