Placeholder 1993 Ghost (場所取り1993の霊) is the spirit of a man, who lingered at a flower viewing place for 20 years.



In 1993, as a new employee of a flower viewing company, he was tasked with being a placeholder to ensure his co-workers would have a good spot for the flower viewing the next day, so he came the night before and kept a spot right next to a cherry tree occupied. However, two women arrived and he got drunk with them. With nothing left to drink, he went to a convenience store, but on his way back fell off the stairs to a garbage collection point. By the time he woke up the next day, he had died and his spirit remained, chasing anyone sitting at the spot he had lost, by knocking over their food and tossing their blankets, however his co-workers never came as it must have been cancelled, and he remained whirling around the cherry tree to prevent anyone to sit there.

20 years later, Rinne used an illusionary lantern to project his co-workers arriving, thus allow the ghost to pass on.


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