Punk Rocker Ghost (パンクロッカー霊) is the spirit of a young man who turns into a dog spirit because of Ageha.



On his way to an audition, dressed as a punk rocker, he realized he had forgotten his choker, and got into an accident as he hurried back to get it, that claimed his life. His spirit lingered, searching for his choker, and he found and picked up a dog collar that Ageha lost, while she was taking supplementary lessons on capturing Savage Dog Spirits, which caused him to turn into a dog spirit with his human face remaining. As soon as Ageha finds the leash, he rushes, dragging her to hit her head to a pole, then Sakura who happened to pass by finds the leash and tries to help him, only for him to keep rushing, much to Sakura's exhaustion, until they are both found by Tsubasa. Rinne was able to tell he’s human, and after figuring what happened to him, takes him to Kyoukai.



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