Rain Boy Ghost (雨男霊, Ame Otoko Rei) is the spirit of a runner who was believed to bring stormy weathers wherever he’d go.



Back when he was alive, he was a member of a track club where he had top class grades and had a crush on his female instructor. Bizarrely, in whatever event he would participate (such as family trip, picnic, camping…), it would rain. As a result, he was nicknamed "Rain Boy" and would not be invited to any event. Prior to a marathon that would be cancelled if it were to rain, his female instructor asked him to sit out. However, the night before, he prayed for a sunny day and practiced running, as he was looking forward to that marathon, but died in an accident.

His lingering spirit was found by Rinne, right when a marathon would take place at Sankai High, and believing his lingering attachment to be wishing to participate to a sunny marathon, Annette tricked him in coming to the Sankai High marathon, to have it cancelled because of the rain, at the request of her students as they hate the marathon. However, he got to remember that his female instructor had made him a special drink in hope of convincing him to sit out, and being apparently well-treated by Annette who seemed a more beautiful instructor allowed him to pass on, much to Annette’s dismay as it stopped raining, allowing the marathon to take place, causing her to lose her students’ faith.


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