He's the spirit of a previous owner of a Ramen restaurant called "Ramen Treasure".



Because of his gloomy appearance and his Ramen being distasteful, his restaurant quickly went out of business. He thought of reopening his restaurant and had been hiding 50000 yen as his fund in a little safe box in the attic of an apartment building. However, at the end of the year, he died somehow as he passed out drunk in a park. His spirit lingered, haunting his own restaurant, by ruining the served meals, as he felt envious of the new manager who made it prosperous.

Renge, who worked at the restaurant as a part-time waitress, learned the man supposedly had 10000000 yen rolls of banknotes, and so sought Rinne to find out where he stored his fund, and they fought for the safe box only to find it empty. He then gets to remember that he had spent his 50000 yen in numerous lottery tickets, in which he felt certain he’d win around 10000000 yen, that he had kept in his pocket, but they were all losing tickets, which drove Rinne mad proceeding then to purify him by force.


  • He was not named.

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