The Red Bride Church Ghosts are the spirits of a couple who force anyone entering a church to be united.



Long ago during the Showa Era, they would not be allowed to be married and so ran away and visited a church. After raising a wedding ceremony for themselves, they took their own lives. And so, the church had for nickname the “Red Bride Church” and was considered the worst cursing spot, for the bride’s dress was dyed in red, and the spirits of the couple lingered, forcing anyone who enter the church to marry one another, because the couple could not be together in life.

Shortly after Anju managed to get closer to Matsugo, Rinne conspired with her to have them both romantically united at that church, to be freed of Matsugo’s annoying attention. Though Anju placed their ring onto her finger, Matsugo, still determined to prove friendship to be superior than love, struggled against the couple’s expectation, so they blackmail him into putting their other ring into his finger by threatening to take Anju to hell, but Matsugo simply purifies them.


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