Red Soumen Ghost (赤いソーメンの霊, Akai Soumen no Rei) is the spirit of a girl who wishes to catch a red noodle in the Nagashi Soumen.



She had a crush on a classmate but was too shy to confess to him. When she went to a summer festival, she decided that she would confess to him if she manages to get the red noodle in the Nagashi Soumen, but eventually failed. Autumn came, and she learned that the boy was actually going to her out but another girl ended up confessing to him, thus in her regret she ran and got hit by a car. Her spirit lingered as she strongly regrets not having caught that red Soumen noodle.

She came upon Ayame at her shrine, where Nagashi Soumen is served every year, and Ayame wished to help her, since she can relate with her, but their similar one-sided love caused them to be united by spirit bonds and consequently the girl’s negative thinking combined with Ayame’s strong powers would cause the Nagashi Soumen to go wild thus render the girl’s task even more complicated. Rinne figured the problem and Tsubasa apologizes to Ayame to break the spirit bonds, then Rinne suggests the girl to change her negative thinking so she can succeed in getting the red Soumen and so pass on, though it took hours to do so.


  • She was not named.

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