Rei Kakigori (柿氷レイ) is a middle-school boy who loves watermelon splitting.



As he was too busy studying, he didn’t make it to the watermelon splitting competition last year, which was so frustrating for him that he wished that event to be cancelled. The following year, his and 3 other kids’ strong desire to split a watermelon animated a watermelon spirit which attacked committee members of the Sankai Shopping district during preparations for the Watermelon splitting competition, which caused the competition to be suspended. After learning the spirit’s nature, he decided to take the day off from cram school to assist to the competition.

He and his friends returned during the end of a year and accidentally caused the spirit of a Fukuwarai from a children board to go on rampage, and although its case is solved, it hardly got any happier, as they expressed the game to be boring, prompting the committee member to give up on using it.



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